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Body Butters

Body Butters

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Transform your skincare routine into a luxurious, mood-lifting experience with 'Amir'acle Body Butters & More Body Butters. Unveil the secret to radiant, silky-smooth skin, while simultaneously elevating your spirits. Our thoughtfully crafted body butters are designed to pamper your skin and uplift your spirit.

Key Features:

Mood-Enhancing Scents: Each application of our body butters is like a mini spa session. Choose from our exquisite range of scents to suit your mood:

  • The Robin: Energize your senses with vibrant citrus, a refreshing blend of crisp herbal notes.
  • Cocoa Butter Cashmere: A warm, captivating blend of sweet cocoa butter and coconut, complemented by the elegant undertones of cedarwood, jasmine, and luscious vanilla. Perfect for every occasion.
  • Teakwood: Experience rugged elegance with the timeless, woody aroma of Teakwood.
  • Sisterhood: Find balance in the invigorating zest of lemon paired with the soothing essence of lavender.

Ingredients: Organic Unrefined Shea Butter, Organic Coconut Oil, Sunflower Oil, Vitamin e Oil,  Arrowroot Powder, and essential oils and/or fragrance oils.

Caution for High Temperatures: Please note that our body butters are sensitive to heat. In temperatures exceeding 75 degrees Fahrenheit, they will melt. To ensure your order arrives in perfect condition, consider adding dry ice during hot weather shipping.

*This product will be frozen before shipping when temps exceed 75 degrees Fahrenheit.

6 oz container: Net wt. 3 oz (85g)

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